Scalp Scripts 4oz.

Small Loc Aid Spray

​Jazzy Braidz Salon

Scalp Scripts 4 oz.

Small Anti Itch Serum

Scalp Scripts 8 oz.

Large Anti Itch Serum  

Scalp Scripts Loc Start Kit - Includes the Scalp Scripts Large Loc Aid and Large Anti Itch Serum which will both assist you in getting through the first month which is usually the hardest.  

Scalp Scripts 8oz.

Large Loc Aid Spray

Scalp Scripts Anti-Itch Serum:This oils is instrumental in helping the Growth Ointment, and the Loc Aid’s side effects of dry, flaky, or itchy scalp during the growth, healing, and locking process. Similar to a healing arm, IT ITCHES UNDER THAT CAST!! And for those of you who are lucky enough to have never broken anything, just take my word for it. Itching is often a side effect of growth and healing and especially when it comes to the products that we create. Itching and flaking scalp are side effects of growth but we did not set you up for failure which is why we created this oil to accompany the healing capabilities of the Growth Ointment.

The itching is due to the vitamins and nutrients being given that the hair and scalp can utilize during the growth cycles.

A vegan, gluten free, all natural mixture of oils that stimulate growth in the most barren of deserts, reduces inflammation, repels lice along with bed bugs, and lubricates a dry scalp. 

Don't Let Us Do Your Hair Unless You Want It To GROW!

Scalp Scripts 1.5 oz.

Small Growth Ointment

Scalp Scripts 3.5 oz.

Large Growth Ointment

Scalp Scripts Growth Ointment - Don’t use this ointment unless you want your hair to grow!

We have formulated a scalp ointment that has nurtured growth in the driest deserts occupied by man. This ointment helps Jazzy Braidz Salon staff and clients to achieve an average of one inch of growth in one month when combined with growth accelerating hair styles or install methods for extensions.

Just protecting the hair? Color treated, permed, or relaxed we have got you covered… literally. This ointment heals the overworked hair follicle. The bleached, weighed down, and straightened hair will receive protection from the elements including humidity.

There IS a solution to your slow or no grow problems with your hair. Let us help you heal your hair!  

Scalp Scripts Loc Aid -  This is the spray that your Loc Doc should have prescribed. This loc start, maintenance, and most of all repair aid for locs is great for locs of all types. The free forming, organic, structured, crocheted, twisted, interlocked, and styled locs can all benefit from using this all natural product.

The cuticles on the hair follicle are encouraged to lift encouraging tangling, while the amino acids, minerals, and essential oils keep the hair healthy during the challenging locking process.

Essential oils are added to the spray and will provide protection from offensive body/scalp odors while waiting the initial 30 days of not washing the hair to accelerate the locking process. This spray has anti-fungal, insecticidal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to ensure comfort with your locs while, locking, healing, or just living a lovely life with them.