​Jazzy Braidz Salon

Extensions and Weaves can be installed in a wide variety of ways depending on how much access to the scalp you desire, and if you want volume, length or BOTH.

They can be installed so that they last for 2 months without touching your natural hair or they can add highlights or color without altering your natural hair. Of our 7 install methods you may schedule  a consultation in order to find out which install would be ideal for you. 

Protective Styles & Extensions

Wig Installs - Suggested for clients focused on changing their hair styles frequently as well as those who are focused on areas of concern towards the front or center which would keep them from being confident with hair left out.

Don't Let Us Do Your Hair Unless You Want It To GROW!

Growth Encouraging

Crochet Braids and Twist Hair Install  This install method will be an ideal install for clientele that are interested in expediting the install time for most sets of Braids and Twist. This is great for the summer due to it's ability to hold up for over a month no matter the activity level. It is able to trap moisture and oils from the scalp in the braids which helps accelerate growth while enjoying the temporary style and access to the scalp.

Crochet Bulk Hair Install gives the client access to their scalp online a sew in or a wig. Great for clients that are needing to access their scalp to administer our Scalp Scripts Growth Ointment and or Scalp Scripts Anti Itch Serum in order to accelerate growth and minimize potential damage to new growth due to scratching; which is often a side effect of accelerated growth.

These Styles and looks are done with GROWTH ENCOURAGING install methods that are ideal for clients that are focused on the growth as well as protection of their hair in the desert.

These installs include, partial sew-in, full sew-in, full sew-in with a lace closure or frontal, malaysian sew-in, boxer braid, ghana braid, cornrows, crochet with bulk hair, crochet with twist, call or text us at (480) 269-6726 in order to find out which style would be best for your area of concern.